PRINCE2 Summary


PRINCE2™: Projects in a controlled environment

Project: temporary organisation created to deliver a business product/change according to an agreed business case


  • Continued business justification - cost exceeds benefit, monitored
  • Learn from experience - review other/previous projects
  • Defined roles and responsibilities - Direction, Management, Delivery
  • Manage by stages - Start Up, Initiation, Management Stages, Closing Project
  • Management by exception - when exceeds agreed tolerances of cost/time/quality
  • Focus on products - with defined descriptions
  • Tailored to suit environment


  • Business case - Investment Appraisal, Benefit Review Plan
  • Organization - stakeholder representation business/user/supplier, Communications Management Strategy, Project Assurance, Project Support
  • Quality - fit for purpose, Quality Management Strategy, Quality Assurance/Review/Register, acceptance criteria (MoSCoW)
  • Plans - What/How/When, Project Plan > Stage Plans, Project Product Descriptions
  • Risks - Risk Management Strategy, what if/what then
  • Change - compare to agreed baselines, control/approve/document, Change Authority, Daily Log, Change Register
  • Progress - monitor/evaluate, checkpoint reports, highlight report, exception report > exception plan


  • SU Start Up - prepare project brief from project mandate, develop outline Business Case, appoint organization (Executive, Project Manager), design project team, capture lessons, plan Initiation Stage
  • DP Directing Project - authorize initiation, authorize project, authorize stage plans, give ad hoc direction, close project (on time or prematurely)
  • IP Initiating Project - produce project plan from project brief, develop Risk/Configuration/Quality Management/Communications Management Strategies, refine Business Case, set up project controls, assemble Project Initiation Documentation PID, seek approval from the Board
  • CS Controlling a Stage - authorize/review/receive Work Packages, review status of stage (Checkpoint Reports), report highlights (to Board), review/escalate/act on Risks (Exception Reports
  • MP Managing Product Delivery - accept/execute/deliver work packages (Team Manager)
  • SB Stage Boundary - update current stage/project plan/business case, plan next stage, seek authorization for next stage
  • CP Closing Project - on time or prematurely (by Board), hand over products, evaluate project, complete lessons log

Ref: Projects in a controlled environment (designed 1996, revised 2009) - UK Government Cabinet/Stationery Office

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