HR Projects Delivery

How do you deliver HR projects successfully which support people in the workplace - to enjoy and develop in their work, to cope with the challenges and stress, to be innovative and willing to put in the extra effort?  It is a cliché but still true - people are your greatest asset in your business and you need to support them with effective processes delivered by efficient systems.

Discovery                     Design                  Deployment

Why are we called 3D HR?  Because we think there are three factors that are critical to deliver the successful implementation of an HR project, in particular delivery of a new HR Information System or HRIS:-

  • Discovery - the identification of:
    • HR processes required for effective people management
    • People data held across the organisation
  • Design - the improvement of HR processes that can include:
    • automation through workflows
    • employee and manager Self Service
  • Deployment - rolling out of the new system through:
    • integrated training
    • user guides and support mechanisms

Join those three triangles of Discovery, Design and Deployment together and you get a three-dimensional pyramid or tetrahedron - one of the strongest 3-D objects, where each part meets the other two.  In the same way, achieve the right sequence of discovery, design and deployment to support an HR project and both people and the organisation will flourish.  Hence our trade mark and symbol of what we do.

On this website you will find practical guidance covering various topics and issues in managing HR projects in your workplace. 

We also have specific websites that focus on particular areas.  For example, provides an easy method of keeping your Employee Handbook on-line in a web version so that your employees can easily access your policies and procedures, including being able to download relevant forms and people management guide.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you deliver HR projects successfully in your workplace.


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